Is all about empowering others. She is a published author and motivational speaker renown for her infectious passion for life and her desire to see others rise to fulfill their God-ordained purpose & potential.

NEW RELEASE: When The Smoke Clears, fire survivor and author Chrissy Guinery presents the human face behind the shocking figures of destruction and loss, through first-hand accounts of the day to day struggle to breathe, to believe, to love – under a pall of smoke and in the path of fire.


Chrissy’s fun and moving, motivational memoir Falling Up Stairs, now into its second printing, is helping empower many lives.

Her second book Room To Breathe, a community-focused, coffee-table book promoting better self-care and mental health, is a passionate and powerful work.  It features 100 people from all walks of life telling real-life, personal stories and includes stunning visual displays.

Buzz Loves His Friends, Chrissy’s colourfully vibrant children’s book, created using her 9-year-old granddaughter Mia Walton’s quirky illustrations, is a fun adventure about a van called Buzz.  This book combines play, learning, counting, being kind and including others.

Chrissy believes every person is born to shine…

She presents ideas and personal anecdotes that help empower and encourage others to be kind, generous and accepting of themselves and others.

Her message is about valuing life – our own lives and the lives of others.


She assists with goal and vision setting, promoting a sense of community and the mighty power of helping others by focusing on living the life of purpose and passion that God has tailor-made especially for each individual.

Her message is about valuing life – our own lives and the lives of others.

Motivation can be received through inspirational talks, books and writing workshops

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Chrissy believes every person is born to shine…


I first encountered God while contemplating suicide in my late teens, and have been sharing my life secrets for almost 40 years in a down-to-earth, relatable style that leaves people with essential tools for pursuing a more effective and fulfilling life.

As a bubbly mother of five & Granny to fourteen, (yes, I have fourteen delightful grandchildren), I’ve needed to allow God to rebuild my life from ruins on more than one occasion. 


On the up-side, this has given me the insight and experience to deal with serious subjects with honesty, sensitivity and a touch of humour.

Motivation can be received through inspirational talks, books and writing workshops, where I delight in helping ignite that spark and bringing the edge you need to positively shine.

My quirky tales of this unique lifestyle – living in a van named Buzz travelling Australia with my husband of 39 years – and my zany delivery, inspire ways to live in, love-on, and contribute toward healthy, happy communities throughout this great ‘lucky’ country.

I’m raw and real, so be prepared to laugh and to cry, and be assured that my passion is contagious.



Chrissy conducts writing workshops for:


These three-hour workshops help children to develop their own unique writing style, participate in group writing and be given an opportunity for publishing.

WOMEN (18 and over)

These all-day seminars see participants empowered through having a voice to tell their stories and giving themselves permission to shine.  Often characterised by laughter and creativity, the promotion of honesty and acceptance, women feel released and inspired.

Though essentially writing workshops, don’t be surprised if there’s games, gummy bears and dancing!


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Your words come from the heart and make me proud to be different.  Nathel

I was able to give Falling Up Stairs to a girl who had just tried to commit suicide. Your decision is life-changing for so many.  Ashleigh

Your book came just when I needed it. You are a shining light in some of my dark, confusing and lost times. You inspire me and so many others. You are a vessel of God’s love and grace.  Julie

So true, Chrissy, a touch of zany a day keeps the blues away.  Lisa

Room To Breathe is yet another incredibly inspiring idea from Chrissy, like everything she puts her hand to, whether public speaking or writing, she creates connections that help others shine and builds a sense of community and hope into hearts and minds.  Counsellor Donna Hunter

I have loved, loved, loved your book. I can’t wait to have more copies to be able to give out to people. It is such a world-changing book. Tinglingly invigorating in your words.  Ruth

You encourage obedience and freedom – at the same time!  Esther

Buzz Loves His Friends is an excellent resource for linking numeracy and literacy in an approachable and fun way within the classroom.  Lauren Edwards, NSW Primary Teacher.


Buzz is so kind, children will love him.  Koa, age 6

Your soul holds a hidden beauty that leaves a sparkle of light on the world.  Kath

Oh Chrissy you have such an inspiring way. Your abundant energy & capacity for love & joy bubbles never diminishes.  Mary

Chrissy’s energetic style takes you on a ride akin to kayaking down river rapids.  It’s full and fast and then hits an eddy before careening over the waterfall!  Falling Up Stairs is vibrant, casual and infectiously enthusiastic, but above all it’s authentic and very engaging.  Karin Moorhouse, Author



Falling Up Stairs is more than a book – it is an event to be thoroughly, absurdly enjoyed – & definitely to be given as gifts for everyone on your Christmas list.  You will laugh out loud & you will cry.  You will be motivated & inspired and you won’t be the same after the journey!  Elaine Rogers, NSW Royal Agricultural Society Events Coordinator

Chrissy’s books are amazing, just wonderful!  I am inspired!  Judith, Global Care Worker



 Falling Up Stairs is an easy read. It is fun, inspirational, deep & light-hearted – a book cocktail of delightfulness!  Chrissy continuously interacts with the reader in an engaging writing style that makes the reader feel as though we’re in a conversation together.  It is almost like Chrissy is allowing me to be part of the story, & in so doing, is inspiring me personally to be all that I can be.  Tess, co-founder of The Grey Girls




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