Chrissy’s colourfully vibrant first children’s book, created using her 9-year-old granddaughter Mia Walton’s quirky illustrations, is a fun adventure about a van called Buzz.  This book combines play, learning, counting, being kind and including others.


Buzz Loves His Friends is an excellent resource for parents, carers and teachers with its endless learning opportunities. Combining numeracy and literacy, even very young children can interact by naming the animals, counting them and waving hello.


Discussions around the pages can include learning to be kind, accepting friends of all shapes and sizes and recognising the unique features that distinguish each animal.


Using concepts introduced in Buzz Loves His Fiends, big people are able to take children on their own journey, discovering what they can observe and count. Children will be able to create their own narrative from a real or imagined journey. They can paint the animals as they see them, describing their own created characters using a range of adjectives.


Because city kids may not have experience with narrow, outback roads where stopping for wildlife or livestock is a common occurrence, this book helps to broaden their perspective on Australian life.

Collage ideas are included within the book for children to create their own scenes.


  • All postage costs within Australia will be:

    Buzz Loves His Friends:

    1 book = $5.00 

    2- 5 books = $10.00

  • For any orders outside of Australia please email Chrissy directly and she will organise payment and SHIPPING